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Fri Mar 24 01:26:07 UTC 2000

March 24, 2000

A special thanks for the linguistic origin discussion on the
gypsy language to S.Kalyanaraman to bring this to everyone's

If anyone has a complete list of references on the scholarly
studies of gypsy languages and culture, I would very much appreciate
any such references for possible future further discussions.

The linguistics discussion must have been a private discussion
as I did not see this topic discussed recently at INDOLOGY.

Let me suggest that scholarly discussion on gypsy language
must also include other aspects of this unique community
in Europe who are struggling to survive under tremendous
and retain their cultural and linguistic identify, today,
as much as anytime in recent history !

I would appreciate any comments and references beyond the
issue of linguistic origin (which of course is vitally impotant,
and thank you again, S.Kalyanaraman, for your insightful comments
and references). Such discussions as cultural identity and history
is important.

For example, a recent book, "The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies"
by Guenter Lewy, Oxford University Press, 2000 is worth reviewing.
I have just started reading this book which has some valuable
documentation worthy of attention by scholars such as INDOLOGY
subscribers. On cursory review of this book, one thing that
surprised me is that the author seems to have delibertately
avoided linking gypsies to Historic India ! Any comments ?

Avi Dey
Vienna, VA

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