[ADMIN] list volume

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Thu Mar 23 11:26:41 UTC 2000

I have discussed the recent high volume of INDOLOGY postings with the
maintainers of the list in Liverpool.  They too have been finding the list
harder to manage because of the very high volume.  Because we are guests
on their system, it is very important for INDOLOGY to be perceived as
"well behaved" from a technical point of view as well as from a social
point of view.

We have agreed to reduce the upper limit on the number messages per day
from 50 to 40.  We have also decided to reduce the maximum number of
postings per day per person from 3 to 2.

Dominik Wujastyk,
Founder, INDOLOGY list

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