Summer school in spoken Sanskrit

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Thu Mar 23 09:58:07 UTC 2000



The Department of Classical Indology, South Asia Institute, University
of Heidelberg, Germany, offers you this unique opportunity to
participate in a spoken Sanskrit course this summer under the tutelage
of a Sanskrit native speaker. It is the aim of the course to enable
students, particularly those pursuing Indological Studies, to overcome
the perception of Sanskrit as a written language alone and, instead, to
learn to pronounce, speak and recite it. The three-week course will make
the study of Sanskrit a playful experience and demystify it.

 Prerequisites:     Elementary knowledge of Sanskrit and English
 Organizer:         Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels
 Teachers:          Shri Sadananda Das, aided by Dr. Srilata Mueller
 Venue:             South Asia Institute
 Date:              11 September - 30 September 1800
 Fees:              DM 250,- (including teaching material)
 Accomodation:      can be arranged at the University Student Hostel
                    at the cost of DM 275,- to DM 400,-
 Registration:      until 10. 06. 2000
                    by e-mail at
                    or letter to:
                    The Sekretariat,
                    Dept. of Classical Indology,
                    South Asia Institute,
                    Im Neuenheimer Feld 330,
                    69120 Heidelberg,

                    Maximum number of participants is 15.

-- Axel Michaels

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