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Ulrich T. Kragh utkragh at HUM.KU.DK
Tue Mar 21 17:44:01 UTC 2000

There exists a very fine article in English on the Buddhist sites at Muktinath and its vicinity in the Himalayan journal "Kailash". Unfortunately, I do not have a copy at hand and I cannot recall its title, date or author. If needed, email me off-list and I can try to get the reference.

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Fra: john grimes <grimesj at PILOT.MSU.EDU>
Dato: 17. marts 2000 12:18
Emne: Re: Muktinath

>Can anyone provide some references for Muktinath in Nepal? I have a student
>who is doing an Independent Study project and asked for such. Any
>John Grimes

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