Ceremonial disposal of the "asva" carcass ?

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Tue Mar 21 06:57:42 UTC 2000

Michael Witzel wrote:

> 2) There is, of course, the older form of the Vedic horse sacrifice in the
> Rgveda (1.162-163, etc.,)
> which has nothing to do with rice.

While it is true that rice is not specifically mentioned in the Vedic
version, there is a bit of interesting information in these passages:

      1.162.18 The axe penetrates the thirty-four ribs
      of the swift horse; the beloved of the gods, (the
      immolators), cut up (the horse) with skill, so
      that the limbs may be unperforated, and
      recapitulating joint by joint.

      (from Wilson)

Now, 17 X 2 = 34.

(Other breeds have 18 pairs, Arabian has 19 pairs).

Those amazing flying rishis and their genetic engineering marvels!

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