A plea for respect and decency

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Raveen Satkurunathan  wrote:

> "Inner city schools", are we struck in some stereotypes

Paul Kekai Manansala <kekai at JPS.NET> writes:

> I wonder Chris where you live. The tensions you mention are
> increasingly
> found outside the inner city as minorities continue to migrate to
> the
> suburbs and even rural areas as they have over the past decade or
> so.


>Sorry for straying off topic.

Such sardonic and hypercritical responses toward what seems an earnest
gesture by Chris Wallis do little to advance one's credibility or to
further one's own cause.

As a teacher on the south side of Chicago in a college preparatory school
with a diverse population
(Hindu/Muslim/Christian-Indian/Pakistani/African/African American/Middle
Eastern/Anglo-American.... etc.), I can say from experience that it is
this type of rhetoric that exacerbates divisiveness and misunderstanding
among our students.

How can such transparent retorts do anything for INDOLOGY other than
provoke the unsolicited response of morally minded lurkers like myself?

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