Sarasvati (makSU ... avo vRNImahe!)

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Mar 19 14:07:07 UTC 2000

 Sarasvati,   makSU  ...     avo vRNImahe!
 Haraxvaiti,  moSu  mee  jauua avanghe!

V. Agarwal allows:

>Of course, you are most welcome to accept the sukha = axle hole equation.

Many thanks  indeed, for the permission, I am deeply touched.

But: he should  check the RV *himself* first, *then* judge 150 years of
Not judge etymologies by emotion.
Basic rule of philology, ahem, science.


Chris Wallis: "please pause and erase the offending lines from your email
before sending it."
Take a look at some gems from the pen of...

V. Agarwal reigns himself in:

>> lest Dr. Witzel says with his foul-mukha that I
>>am indulging  hate-mongering


>Dr. Witzel said:
>Just check 'foul' in the archives, you will discover its author.

V. Agarwal advises:

> ... So maybe you need to take a course in psychology.

V. Agrawal decrees:

>... Since you are yourself so durmukha,
> you cannot appreciate the need for people to be polite in such matters.


V. Agarwal judges:

>After all, we are all too familiar with your Hast-in dveep-in type logic,
>that I find quite infantile

<actually, on second thought, I like be called an elepant and leopard!>

and check on many more, before...

MW comments:

any comments ???


So, now we have :

* Several INDOLOGY members' (Vidhyanath Rao, S. Subrahmanya,  SNS, TAREK
WANI,  VISHAL AGARWAL) invention of 'my' chariot panzers, etc. (see my gem
collection of  2/13),

* Rajarshi Banerjee's new attempt at imputing words to me (17 Mar 2000
22:12:39) "you ... belive in chariots armies used to herd cows" (WHERE did
I write that, ksaamyataam ??),

* and a small selection of the collected writings of  V. Agarwal, above
(who cannot even keep private correspondence to himself, BEWARE!).

What, pray,  irks them?

        Old proverb: "Many enemies, much honor."

        Ceterum censeo:   ye vaa bhadraM duuSayanti ...  (VASISTHA, Rgveda)

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