Sandrakottos and Candagutta/Candragupta

L.S.Cousins selwyn at DTN.NTL.COM
Sat Mar 18 19:58:21 UTC 2000

K. Elst writes:

>It is harder
>evidence than much else on which indological chronology relies, e.g. the
>fabled "sheet-anchor" of Indian chronology, the Megasthenes-Sandrokottos
>synchronism, in which the all-important identity of "Sandrokottos" is much
>less clear than is conventionally assumed.  On that identification rests a
>lot, partly also the belief that classical Sanskrit as used in the VJ is
>typical of the centuries around Christ.

Seems pretty clear to me. How can you justify this claim ?

Or, are you referring to the identity of the prince who supposedly
joined Alexander ? The synchronism, does not depend on that.

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