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Rahul Oka rahul.oka at USA.NET
Sat Mar 18 19:38:58 UTC 2000

Dear Dr. Thompson,
  I completely agree with you that all of us bring "ourselves" to the
Rigveda, including our own personal ethnohistories. But that is the
problem.You see, the Rigveda has no voice of its own. You are its voice. Its
message can only be transferred through mediums. The written word, the chronal
distance and the cultural distance are all areas in which the negotiation
between the text of the Rigveda and the minds of the scholars. Hence the views
"and" experiments of scientists who try and verify events expressed in the
Vedas are the best "other" sources for detached looks at chronologies and
sequences. The only thing that I was wondering was why everybody jumped upon
the scientists when they proposed something, which as an archaeologist, is
quite feasible. Occam's Razor does state that in a number of different
explanation for a phenomena, it will probably be the simplest one, since it
has the least of assumptions. It is easier to assume that peoples traded and
travelled in those days within their parameters of time and distance as it is
to assume that there was an invasion or a mass migration from a central
     Searching for locational and temporal origins is too close to Biblical
creation, when I know that diasporas are not a colonial (and post)
Rahul Oka

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