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Dan Lusthaus yogacara_assoc at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 16 18:26:03 UTC 2000

The Yogacara Buddhism Research Association is pleased to announce that its
official website is now on-line. The URL is

The Yogacara Buddhism Research Association is dedicated to promoting the
academic study of Yogacara Buddhism. The site contains information on
Yogacara, major figures in Yogacara history, details on important texts,
essays and articles, a detailed glossary, and links to other sites with
Yogacara content. Since one of our primary goals is to facilitate the
sharing of ideas between scholars working on the many facets of Yogacara
thought and history, we look forward to receiving feedback from interested

Though we have taken great pains to make the site accessible to all flavors
of browser and platform, discrepancies in the implementation of unicode have
forced us to offer two versions of most documents on the site: one version
in utf-8 unicode (with instructions and links on the site for necessary
language and font software) and the other using ASCII diacriticals (aa for
macron-a, .n for n-underdot, etc.) with pre-unicode CJK encoding (usually
Big5, but some docs are in S-JIS). That solution, though not ideal, seemed
the best compromise while we await unicode uniformity. Click the "Technical:
Browser Display" link on the main page for more information.

The site will be updated periodically with additional materials.

Dan Lusthaus
yogacara_assoc at

Charles Muller,
acmuller at

Yogacara Buddhism Research Association

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