Telugu history

Lakshmi Srinivas lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 16 20:04:08 UTC 2000

--- Raveen Satkurunathan <tawady at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> In my opinion even the CT names
> reflect a difference between the
> urbane, aristocratic and culturally Indic urban
> elites and the common people
> except the emphasis of the then elites was on being
> �refined Tamil� rather
> than �Sanskrit� most probably due to Buddhist and
> Jaina influences. Refined
> Tamil enabled them to differentiate them from the
> common people with "unrefined"
> Tamil names such as listed above.

Are there any reliably known names of the common
people from the CT texts? If you omit the names of the
kings, poets, famous chieftains etc , that is.



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