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Vishal Agarwal [SMTP:vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 14. mars 2000 04:52:

> For that matter, while hardly anyone knows who Dr. Thompson is, his bete
> noires (you know who) have a 100 fold readership. Should we apply your logic
> here too then?

This is an interesting angle. A large readership should be an indicator of
academic quality. Gee wiz, the Theory of Relativity must be sheer nonsense. And
Quantum mechanics? A total waste of time, since the readership is minuscule.
Let's forget Mr. Einstein and that guy Heizenberger - Schmeizenberger or
whatever his name. Noone reads them anyway.

On the other hand, we have intellectual giants like Mr. Schulz, the creator of
"Peanuts", who has managed to reach untold millions with his (admittedly quite
charming) cartoon characters. Not to mention that soul-shattering genius Walt
Disney, without whom the modern world and its wonders would be unthinkable.

Mr. Agrawal, you have really opened my eyes. Why do I send emails to this puny
list of some 600 members, when I could be out there talking to the teeming

You really made my day!

Best regards,

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