Ancient Rivers of khvaniratha and indology

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Since indology (which recognizes only the science of Sanskrit) seems to be
dealing with fan clubs started by Prof. Witzel and ancient rivers, the
following notes on Avestan and Puranic mythologies will be useful for the
ongoing 101 on-line course on historical linguistics:

Apart from Arang, Vanhvi_ da_itya_ (veh da_iti_, veh ro_d) [veh = an epithet,
'good'] is a river mentioned in Avestan texts. Bundahisn, the Uniquely-created
Bull lived on the bank of this river (GBd. I.a.12--BTA, 25); on the opposite
bank stood Gayo_ maretan (mortal life), Pahlavi Gayo_mard, the mythical First
Man. (GBd. I.1.13). It is also a mythical river on the eastern boundary of

Maha_bha_rata refers to an ancient river, veda_s'va_ ( Parva,
Ch. 9, stanza 28); the people of Bha_rata drank the water of this river.

Daityadi_pa is mentioned as a son of Garud.a, in MBh. Udyoga Parva, Ch. 101,
Stanza 11. Daityasena_ is a sister of Devasena_, wife of Subrahman.ya;
Daityasena_ was married to an asura, Kes'i. Daityasena_ 
was seen playing in Ma_nasa saras. (Vana Parva, ch. 223,224).

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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