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Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
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> Those of you who like to compare similar words in various languages might have
> fun reading the following piece (the reference is from the Indo-European list):

I agree that it is easy to find a limited list of similar words between
any number of languages especially if there is substantial 'fuzziness'
in lexical or sound correspondence.

However, if the fuzzy factor is generally low and the word list
extensive and generally cutting across many language families, the
probability of coincidence becomes very low.

I have pursued comparison in other areas and know personally that this
is the case. Greenberg, Ruhlen and a number of the Nostracists abide by
this principle.

However, there are also phonological and morphological similarities
which further help eliminate the possibility of coincidence.

But nobody would suggest that there is no Austric, at least in terms of
Munda or "Para-Munda", influence in India.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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