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Here is once again a question I'd like to post on the Indology m-list if you

I am searching for early references to karman and re-birth theory. I have
several passages in the older upanishads: BU (eg 6.2), CU (5.3-5.10), KsU
(1.1-1.2). These are relatively clear in their statements about the path of
the gods, leading to brahman, and the path leading, through the world of
fathers, to a new birth in a pleasant or foul womb, according to one's
pleasant or foul behaviour. In KsU, it is said that the moon propels them to
new birth in various conditions in accordance with his actions and his
Is there clear evidence or reference to such theory in prior material, ie
samhitaas, braahmaNas or aaraNyakas?

In advance than you

Eric Robert

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