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Graefe Ursula.Graefe at T-ONLINE.DE
Thu Mar 9 18:23:33 UTC 2000

Richa Pauranik Clements schrieb:
> Dear members,
> I need some information for a class tomorrow.  It is about the saying in
> Hindi "ek tIr se do shikAr" the rough equivalent for which is the English
> "to kill two birds with one stone."  There is a similar one in Spanish "to
> kill two birds with one throw/shot" (the instrument is not specified, can
> be a stone, an arrow, or a gun-shot).
> Would these sayings have a common origin?  Does anyone on the list know of
> the history (ie dating) of any of these sayings?  Can one speculate upon a
> chronology of these and other related sayings based on the name of the
> instruments mentioned?
> I would really appreciate any help with my questions.  Thank you.
> Regards,
> Richa Pauranik
> Department of Religious Studies/India Studies
> IU Bloomington, IN

Dear Mr. Pauranik,
in German we say "zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen", (to kill to flies
with one slap). About the origin of this I am not sure, but there is a
Brothers Grimm folk tale about a tailor who hits seven flies with one slap (and
after that considers himself a hero).
Not much help, but maybe interesting - Regards Ursula Graefe

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