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Richa Pauranik Clements rpclemen at INDIANA.EDU
Thu Mar 9 16:42:47 UTC 2000

Dear members,

I need some information for a class tomorrow.  It is about the saying in
Hindi "ek tIr se do shikAr" the rough equivalent for which is the English
"to kill two birds with one stone."  There is a similar one in Spanish "to
kill two birds with one throw/shot" (the instrument is not specified, can
be a stone, an arrow, or a gun-shot).

Would these sayings have a common origin?  Does anyone on the list know of
the history (ie dating) of any of these sayings?  Can one speculate upon a
chronology of these and other related sayings based on the name of the
instruments mentioned?

I would really appreciate any help with my questions.  Thank you.

Richa Pauranik
Department of Religious Studies/India Studies
IU Bloomington, IN

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