SV: River Sarasvati: Atomic scientists reconfirm location

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Paul Kekai Manansala [SMTP:kekai at JPS.NET] skrev 10. mars 2000 18:00:
> >
> > As for some really mushy stuff, I suggest that readers check out
> > P.K.Manansala's Austro-centric  website
> For Indic languages:
> For Sumerian:
> And I won't mind discussing the hard evidence behind the theories
> either.

Those of you who like to compare similar words in various languages might have
fun reading the following piece (the reference is from the Indo-European list):

   "An easy accessible attempt on this topic is Mark Rosenfelder 'How likely
   are chance resemblances between languages? in
   Though in the binomial formulas one faculty mark '!' is always set wrong*,
   the results are correct. (*what shows that in one year nobody with minimal
   mathematical competence really did read this article). [Signed HJH(olm), a
   mathematician and Indo-Europeanist]


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