SV: River Sarasvati: Atomic scientists reconfirm location

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
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Vidyasankar Sundaresan [SMTP:vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM] skrev 08. mars 2000
> Well, as a general rule, don't dismiss the scientists so easily. What
> scientists actually do, what they say they do, and what journalists say
> scientists do - these can all be very different things.

I think the basic problem is a small matter of textual interpretation. Whatever
the scientists find, this has to be related somehow to Vedic material. But the
Vedic material is in no way so clear as some people seem to think, and the
identifications made in some quarters between science finds and Vedic phenomena
are, to say the least, tenuous.

I realize that we are now threatening to embark on a debate that has been
outlawed on Indology, so this will be my last remark on the subject. Sadly,
because I also happen to think that science may be able to give valuable
contributions as long as we don't overestimate its potential or abuse the
authority which it has with the general public.

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