Science versus Indology

Bob Peck rpeck at NECA.COM
Wed Mar 8 12:35:43 UTC 2000

I read about a reaction to scientists from this site and wonder if I am in
the right group (I am a physicist). I approached Indology starting with the
Rig Vedas looking for answers to personal physiological and mystical
experiences. I believed that I found them. However, I had trouble with
existing translations and found I had to revert to the roots of Sanskrit
words. For instance, In many ancient documents I found tapas meaning fervor
made a great deal of sense in terms of experience. I took a translation of
mine to a local Professor of Sanskrit who told me that I had to use the
“accepted” meanings of words even though my translation was consistent with
root meanings and logic. I am not a Sanskrit scholar, but I believe that
many of the early documents are in fact scientific and if approached in this
manner can be understood. Most scientists are taught to read a foreign
technical language with good accuracy who cannot read a child’s primer. One
must of coarse have experience in the topic.  I would love to raise
questions concerning this interface of ancient Sanskrit and experience. I
believe that it would point to a fundamental philosophy different from today
’s religious interpretations. Are scientific interpretation acceptable or
must it be “correct”?
Respect to you all
Bob Peck

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