re-birth theory

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See the very detailed study on this topic:
Klaus BUTZENBERGER: Ancient Indian conceptions on man's destiny after death:
The beginnigs and the early development of the doctrine of transmigration.
Berliner Indologische Studien 9(1996):55-118 [pt.1], 11-12(1998):1-84 [pt.2].

> I am searching for early references to karman and re-birth theory. I have
> several passages in the older upanishads: BU (eg 6.2), CU (5.3-5.10), KsU
> (1.1-1.2). These are relatively clear in their statements about the path of
> the gods, leading to brahman, and the path leading, through the world of
> fathers, to a new birth in a pleasant or foul womb, according to one's
> pleasant or foul behaviour. In KsU, it is said that the moon propels them to
> new birth in various conditions in accordance with his actions and his
> knowledge.
> Is there clear evidence or reference to such theory in prior material, ie
> samhitaas, braahmaNas or aaraNyakas?
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