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Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Tue Mar 7 02:52:07 UTC 2000

Prof. Aklujkar wrote:

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote: >Another interesting paper in the
literature is S.Sankaranarayanan, "The colophon in the Bhamati: A New
Study," ALB, Vol 49, pp.34-61. I think it's a very good paper. The

[ ... ]

other "The Prologue and Epilogue Verses of Vacaspati-misra-IÆ is
forthcoming in Rivista degli Studi Orientali. In both these, I have
out the weaknesses of Sankaranarayanan's paper mentioned above and
a subsequent paper of his in ALB 1997. >>>>>

Thanks to Prof Aklujkar for the references. The last issue of the ALB,
in the only good library I have access to, is 1995. I had assumed that
they stopped publication since the library gets other journals like
PEW, JAOS, JIP and so on. I'll try to obtain your papers and read
them. I agree that some of Sankaranarayanans views on poetic
exageration about nR^iga seemed quite subjective.

<<<< Sankaranarayanan is unaware that there were two
Vaacaspati-mi;sras. The
Nyaaya-sutroddhaara could be ascribed to the 15th century
Vaacaspati-mi;sra, although the status of the text is not as certain
one would wish. >>>>>

Sankaranarayanan gives the colophon verse for the nyAya-sUtroddhAra
and the date it mentions caitra 828 (caitrai vasvaxivAsave). Can this
mean a 15th century date also? Of course vAcaspati mishra II was also
from mithilA, so there could have been a confusion. But, if the
colophon has not been interpreted properly by Sankaranarayanan, much
of his paper loses force straightaway.

Notwithstanding any of these things, I have not seen any other paper
which takes into account the relative chronology of all the 3 authors;
uddyotakara, Vacaspati Mishra I and udayana. I'd have liked to see a
better analysis of udayanas quotations of Vacaspati. But, I think it's
safe to say that the date of Vacaspati is certainly not settled by any
means and definitely not from Hackers erroneous identification of the
nyAyama.njarI quotation.


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