James L. Fitzgerald jfitzge1 at UTK.EDU
Mon Mar 6 21:20:15 UTC 2000

> Can anybody advise me if there has been any research done or being
> done on the Kalmaa.sapaada legend and its origins.

See J. Ensink, "Mitrasaha, Sudaasa's son, with the Spotted Feet," in the FBJ
Kuiper Festschrift *Pratidanam* (The Hague:  Mouton, 1968):  573-584.

The bibliography refers to, among other more general items:

1) a 1912 study by H. Kern ("kalmaaSapaada en Sutasoma," *Verhandelingen en
Medelingen der Kon. Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afd. Letterkunde.
Amsterdam:*  170-208)

2) a 1909 study by K. Watanabe ("The story of kalmaaSapaada," Journal of the
Pali Text Society:*  238-310.

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