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Robert A. Hueckstedt rah2k at UNIX.MAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Wed Mar 1 18:04:48 UTC 2000

The University of Virginia-Emory University Consortium is accepting
applications for two positions in the UVA-EMORY STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN
JODHPUR, INDIA, for Fall semester, 2000: MONITOR and HINDI INSTRUCTOR.

Qualifications for MONITOR include good conversational Hindi, background
in South Asia Studies (preferably at the graduate level), and experience
in India.  Responsibilities include assisting the program Director in the
following areas: pre-program arrangements, on-site administration,
counseling students regarding cross-cultural and health issues, overseeing
kitchen, organizing extra-curricular events, coordinating travel
arrangements, assisting students in their independent research projects,
and maintaining accurate accounting records.

Qualifications for HINDI INSTRUCTOR include experience in teaching spoken
and written Hindi, and experience in India.  Responsibilities include:
teaching classes in Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Hindi,
testing and evaluating students in these classes, working closely with
native language partners and Assistant Hindi teacher, arranging
field-trips, assisting students in their independent research projects,
and serving as a liaison between students and their Indian host families.

APPLICATION:  For both positions, send resume, transcript, 3 letters of
recommendation, and a statement explaining your background and why you
wish to work for this program to: Dr. Tara Doyle, UVa-Emory India Program,
Religion Department, S214 Callaway Center, Emory University, Atlanta GA
30322. PH: 404-727-9416, FAX: 404-727-7597, EMAIL: tndoyle at

DEADLINE: March 31, 2000.

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