Etymology and meaning of bhAv in NIA languages

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at GMX.LI
Thu Jun 1 13:57:47 UTC 2000

Harry Spier schrieb am Thu, 01 Jun 2000:

> A friend of mine has asked me to check the etymology and meaning of "bhAv"
> in modern Indian languages. [...]

> 2) Turner gives meanings of "price" or "market rate" for NIA
> languages [...]

'Bhaava' has also been imported into Kannada and is a word that is
often used to translate English 'emotion' (also the loanword 'bhaavane'
is used in a similar sense). From this is also derived the Kannada
verb 'bhaavisu-' meaning "to feel, to experience emotionally".

I have never come across a usage of any of these words with a meaning
such as "price" or "market rate" in Kannada.


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