Etymology and meaning of bhAv in NIA languages

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 4 13:46:03 UTC 2000

'Bhaava' has also been imported into Kannada and is a word that is
often used to translate English 'emotion' (also the loanword 'bhaavane'
is used in a similar sense). From this is also derived the Kannada
verb 'bhaavisu-' meaning "to feel, to experience emotionally".

I have never come across a usage of any of these words with a meaning
such as "price" or "market rate" in Kannada.

Cologne OTL entry:
pAvan2ai 1. imagination, fancy; 2. clear understanding; 3. a kind of
mental effort or reflection, one of pan1ca-kantam , q.v.;
4. religious meditation; 5. subject of contemplation;
6. likeness, similitude; 7. representation; symbol;
8. dissimulation, imitation; 9. manners, deportment, carriage;
10. an upanis2ad, one of 108.

There is a famous song of Auvaiyar where she talks of
a turkey (then a recent import) trying to imitate and dance
like a peacock. Here the verb "pAvittal" means "to imitate"
(similar to kannada "bhaavisu"),

  "kAn2a mayil ATak kaNTirunta vAn2kOzi
  tAn2um atuvAkap pAvittu ..."

However, in Jaffna Tamil, "pAvittal" = to use/to apply/to be used etc.

V. Iyer

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