mitochondria and Indology (was Re: AIT, NEW genetic evidence)

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Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan wrote:
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> > Mitochondrial DNA is inherited solely from the mother, as they are found
> >  only in ova, and not in sperm.
> I heard in a recent TV news that researchers have revised this conclusion.> There is also some contribution from the father. I am not able to recollect> the source. The broadcast said that conclusions regarding human evolution> (re. Lucy, etc.) and dispersal have to be revised.  Does anybody have the> reference on that?

_mtDNA Shows Signs of Paternal Influence_
       Evelyn Strauss
       Science 1999 December 24; 286: 2436a

Even if this pans out it appears that mtDNA will still be the most
reliable genetic marker available, since paternal influence is *very*

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