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Lakshmi Srinivas [SMTP:lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM] skrev 07. januar 2000 21:18:
> --- Lars Martin Fosse <lmfosse at ONLINE.NO> wrote:
> > Punjabi has
> > acquired tonal accents and lost aspirated stops
> > instead.
> >
> If I'm not mistaken, Punjabi has only lost the voiced
> aspirates each of which is pronounced like the
> corresponding unvoiced unaspirated consonant with an
> added tone.  The orthography records neither the loss
> of the voiced aspirate nor the tone.

Thank you for correcting my slightly messy statement! It illustrates that a
script system does not have to make note of every possible sound in the
phonetic system. It is enough to be reasonably unambiguous. Context and
linguistic competence will take care of the rest.

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