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SP: Here tamizan2 (Tamilian) is contrasted from the Ariyan2 (Aryan) long
before Max Muller.
VA: So did the Tamils consider the residents of Andhra and Mysore as Aryans?

SP: I wonder why some Indians keep giving credit to Europeans for
language-based identity and nationalism in India in spite of clear evidence
to the contrary.
VA: Maybe because rules do have exceptions (like Tamil Nadu) but exceptions
do not make rules.

SP: The only way for this Indian view to make sense is if Tamilnadu was not
part of the Indian state. After all, the Tamil country was not part of the
Mauryan empire either.:-)
VA: But most of it was certainly a part of the Empire of Aurangzeb. And for
that matter, Afghanistan, Pakistan and much of Bangladesh and Nepal fell in
the Ashokan Empire. Therefore, such arguments do not prove anything. Else,
every nook and corner of the world will have Saddam Husseins invading Kuwait
and saying that 'it has been a province of our country historically."
And in contrast to some Tamil texts, one could cite texts from the Kama
Sutra to the Vishnu Purana etc. (the latter was a hallowed text in Tamil
Nadu long ago if the Manimekhalai is to be believed) to prove the unity of
India and so on.


Vishal Agarwal

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