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SA: Dr.Yashwant Malaiya and Vishal Agarwal wrote:
 > " I wonder what "Power-block" Dr. Abbas has in mind."
 > VA: "Which power bloc??"
The "Pseudo-Secular" [henceforth psec] bloc (ie. Congress) has been in
the forefront of the Hindi movement for 50 years. The "Hindutva bloc"
[sangh] have always wanted Sanskrit instead of Hindi. The entrenchment of
Hindi has become the biggest stumbling block in the way of Sanskrit.
Hence, the Sangh is attempting to split and divide Hindi, thereby paving the
way for Sanskrit. Witness the Sangh proposal to partition not 1 but 3 Hindi
states. This fracturing of Hindi is the groundwork preparation for the
introduction of Sanskrit.

VA Replies: That is a curious analysis indeed considering that the Jan Sangh
and its offspring are typically accused of expousing 'Hindi, Hindu,

SA: The following websites shows that power has been on the side of Hindi
rather than English, and that southern opposition to Hindi is still strong
- (many articles)

VA replies: Such websites (and others pointed out by you in the past) are
the creation of the ISI of Pakistan and their brothers in India. The Indian
Govt. and Indians like me know how to deal with them.

SA:True, but there are concrete plans to carve out Chhatisgarh :
         `MP set to carve out Chhatisgarh' -
VA: There are such 'concrete plans' to create many more states:
Vananchal/Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Vidarbha and so on. BTW, do you realize
that it is the 'pseudosecular' and Hindi imposing Congress here which is
espousing the splitting up of a Hindi state of Madhya Pradesh whereas the
BJP seems to be opposing it. So the article refutes your analysis above.
Anyway, if one follows your logic, it will follow automatically that BJP is
not in favor of 'imposing' Hindi on Southern states whereas Congress I is!
Therefore, the Dravidian Nationalists should vote for the Congress I.
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