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Samar Abbas abbas at IOPB.RES.IN
Sat Jan 8 06:54:47 UTC 2000

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Vishal Agarwal wrote:
> But most of [TamilNadu] was certainly a part of the Empire of Aurangzeb

  In fact all of Tamil Nadu was part of Aurangzeb's empire, as were
Afghanistan, Tibet and Pakistan. Indeed, Auranzeb's empire was the largest
Indian empire ever built. Prior to him, the Delhi Sultanate also
managed to conquer all of the South - something Asoka could not do.
BTW Muslims attribute the decline of these empires due to a rise in
"destructive polytheism".

> VA:BTW, do you realize that it is the 'pseudosecular' and Hindi imposing
> Congress here which is espousing the splitting up of a Hindi state ?

On the contrary, it is conclusively the Sanskritist Sangh which is
splitting Hindi states; witness the Sangh in Uttaranchal =

It is psecs who created such states in the first place; breaking them now
would only be self-contradictory. Even the names, `Uttaranchal`,
`Vananchal` are Sanskrit instead of the Hindi `Uttarakhand` or
`Jharkhand`. The underlying Hindi-Sanskrit Psec-Hindutva conflict is
symolised in this naming of the states itself.

> VA :... a curious analysis indeed considering that the Jan Sangh
> and its offspring are typically accused of expousing 'Hindi, Hindu,
> Hindustan."

Time shall tell whether my argument is right or wrong - I have made the
prediction: One fine day, the announcement shall be made that "Sanskrit
shall forthwith replace Hindi" from sangh HQ, and the flock shall then
chant slogans against psec `mongrel' Hindi. Some OBCs may oppose this, but
Savarnas shall go along.

> Yashwant Malaiya: Samir Abbas calls Congress "Pseudo-Secular",
> suggesting it is not secular.

This phrase is used by the Sangh, Sikhs, Muslims and Dravidians for much
the same reasons.

> YM: Incidentally Tamil Tribune web-site is
> organized by some anti-India  organization of non-Indians.

What about the Godse websites, eulogising Godse's assasination of Mahatma
Gandhi, like ? Are they pro-India or
anti-India ?

> VA: Therefore, the Dravidian Nationalists should vote for the Cong.

Probably you mean "Dravidians should vote for BJP". Indeed, there was an
article in the Tamil Tribune some time back on this interesting alliance.
Indeed, Sanskritists stand to gain in the South by taking an anti-Hindi
stance. Just some advice for the sangh. :)


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