Typographical error in the Bhagavad-Gita?

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I seems to be the very strong view of Sankara that women are not "eligible"
for enlightenment. This of course has been a major topic for debate and
dissatisfaction with his teachings ever since.

On the other hand, Sankara seemed to be more liberal on the ability of men
to become enlightened and even to "change" caste. There is the story that he
was supposed to have supported, of the boy without a father who came to be
initiated into study of the Veda. Since the boy admitted that he did not
know who is father was and thus did not know what his caste was, the guru
accepted him as Brahmin with the statement, " ...if he (must) tell the truth
he must be a Brahmin." The point seems to be that "caste" is determined by
one's nature rather than by one's "birth."

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> Must women either reincarnate as brahmin/ksatriya men or master yoga to
> achieve liberation/

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