'INDIA ABROAD' on new textbooks

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> 1. The Sangh Parivar patronised the Ram temple agitation but left out the
> Krishma Janmabhoomi and Kashi Visvanath shrines because Rama was a high
> caste Kshatriya while Krishna is an OBC and Shiva an ST (kirata)

 In connection with the above statement, I have a question from  the
leadership of the Sangh Parivar, and also from other Indian and Western
scholars:  Was Rama ( the deity behind the Ram temple controversy) a  real
human  'being'  with real flesh and blood, or only a mythical figure of
Indian scriptures?  What about Krishna?

 And, as per the scriptures, how many years  did pass between the appearance
of Rama in Ayudhya and Krishna in Mathura or Brindavan?

I now believe that Ram was only  a mythical figure.  I will like to hear
from those people who believe that Rama really lived in a human form in
India, and some historical facts, if any,  to prove that.  I thank the
persons who will care to answer this in advance.



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