'INDIA ABROAD' on new textbooks

H.B.Dave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Tue Feb 29 09:57:04 UTC 2000

Shrisha Rao wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Michael Witzel wrote:
> > For, an Indian scientist friend of mine has drawn my attention to a
> > troubling report in INDIA ABROAD,  January 21, 2000, hidden away on the
> > OPINION page.
> I read the article with some interest, but find little that would be
> troubling.  Not because I agree with the ludicrous ideas expressed by
> Joshi, et al., but because such ideas will inevitably die on the vine.
> However, I must add that Praful Bidwai isn't the most credible person one
> could find to write a proper rebuttal.  He has no credentials as a
> historian, and his bilious comments might actually have the opposite
> effect from what is evidently his intention.  Specifically, it is to be
> recognized that pride in Indian-ness is a socially, or perhaps even
> historically, legitimate sentiment in Indian minds, and to deny this
> outright would doubtless do more to legitimize extreme nationalism.
> Regards,
> Shrisha Rao
> > Michael Witzel

Thank you, Shrisha Rao, for putting it properly.
-- Himanshu

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