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Swaminathan Madhuresan [SMTP:smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM] skrev 29. desember 2000
> R. Srinivasan's words <<Linga does not mean phallic except in the Tantra
>  context. Linga, according to Saiva siddhanta, means symbol, a mark, a
>  an emblem. >>
> In Bengal and East India, Tantra is a way of life for centuries,
> and western books on Tantra usually have pictures from 19th cent.
> Bengal art depicting linga as the male member.

In other words, in Bengal the linga is the male member. The interesting
question, of course, is if this interpretation is continuous in Bengali
version(s) of Hinduism, or if we are dealing with a modern reinterpretation
of the old cosmic symbol which overlaps with its original meaning. I would
also like to know if this interpretation is universal in Bengal, or if it
is confined to Tantric circles. Possibly, Kripal is not so Freudian as I
thought. More info out there?

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