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>In other words, in Bengal the linga is the male member. The >interesting
>question, of course, is if this interpretation is >continuous in Bengali
>version(s) of Hinduism, or if we are dealing >with a modern
>reinterpretation of the old cosmic symbol which >overlaps with its original
>meaning. I would also like to know if this >interpretation is universal in
>Bengal, or if it is confined to >Tantric circles. Possibly, Kripal is not
>so Freudian as I thought. >More info out there?

I remember many regular Hindu pUjAs, in which many aSTakams and strotrams
are chanted where every part of a deity's body is praised including eyes,
nose, chest, knees, elbows, arms, armpits, toes and so on. Hindus are used
to this drill for time unknown. So even an implication of phallus is regular
devotion, nothing sexual but regular divine, no more than the sexy
sculptures on temple walls.

taittirIya saGhita explains the method of laying bricks and its relation to
waiste, thighs, legs of the cosmic person.

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