Re. the so-called �double-truth�

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 27 11:28:02 UTC 2000

<<"Double-truth" of higher truth and lower truth �
there's no more the difference between this and that,
no more the intervals of time, no more the ignorance
that separates us from anyone or anything.>>

But aren't we rapping here truth seeking truth? I
mean, the left hand knowing not the...? "Who?" � say
"What?" In any case, scholarship has nowhere to go
with that. You'll just get accused of lighting
incense, of staking out a privileged position, of
propagating a cult mentality, or of being "womanish."
But certainly, I concur, the "so-called double-truth"
naturally seeks its feminine side. Yet, as far as
these obsessive leaps of virtuoso intellectual-bravado
go, they might rather be perceived as symptoms of a
shrewdly contrived sample of unspecified critical mass
aimed at deflecting general attention away from
certain specific core-deviations. _It's a guy thing!_
While the tragedy, rather than dampen ones zeal,
functions as an intravenous petrol drip to nourish the
rampant cerebral fire. It is therefore imperative to
assess our subject in its full array of its
hypersensitivities, devastating manias, marked
disinclinations to accommodate any form of insolence,
_to adroitly make no sense_, etc. Still all and all,
this brusque "sweeping stuff under the rug" routine
has by now become particularly worrying � Yes,
appearing as it were with the Choral Accompaniment of
well-waxed and well-honed meta-verbal signatories
vigorously expounding the sound of one hand clapping.


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