gifts for Sanskrit teachers

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Hey John,
               This is Gabriel from The Sanskrit Web Site
                I use your Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy.
Congratulations from Argentina on your extraordinary work.


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> According to the Manu Smrti, a bhrtaka adhyapaka/upadhyaya works for wages
> - an acarya receives daksina. Maybe (!) if one were to give up one's
> salary, the gifts would start rolling in (!)  Of course, it goes without
> saying, that one must also truly be an acarya. Ah, the good old days - no
> one has yet mentioned cattle, gold, land . . .
> John Grimes
> >I must confess I am beginning to feel jealous of all those gift-receiving
> >Sanskrit teachers.  Does living in the west prevent a Sanskrit teacher
> >from being eligible to receive such wonderful gifts?
> >                                Madhav Deshdpande

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