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Jesualdo Correia jesualdocorreia at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 27 11:34:13 UTC 2000

   Ven Tantra wrote:

[ snip]

Still all and all,
>this brusque "sweeping stuff under the rug" routine
>has by now become particularly worrying – Yes,
>appearing as it were with the Choral Accompaniment of
>well-waxed and well-honed meta-verbal signatories
>vigorously expounding the sound of one hand clapping.

   Although Indology will always have to do its job, the
conspicuously immanent truth remains that the real " double truth " always
was and will forever be
that there are two lines which should run somehow parallel to each other,one
openning the way for the other: the line of knowledge and that of Being (
despite its epistemological or metaphysical ultimate denyal ).But for the
hand be able to clap alone that of Being is undoubtely the very one which
   VijñAna and PrajñA. Would that be possible to ontologise these terms
in order to adequate things?

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