nAraNa_n, the tamil word for nArAyaNa (was: Vishnu)

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At 04:48 PM 12/14/00 +0000, Vidyasankar wrote:
>Thanks, Ganesan. This has been educative, but I couldn't find
>naalikam in the online Tamil lexicon, at
>nAL, nAl, nal etc. were listed, but nothing turned up under the
>spellings naalika, naalaka, nAlaka, nAlika, nor under the same
>entries with the letter m added at the end.

Please Check "Tamil-Tamil Akaramuthali" edited by "mu. caNmukam piLLai",
published by the Tamilnadu Textbook Society in the year 1985.

There is an entry " nAlikam = erumai, kAkam, thAmarai"

Also please read the wonderful book "yA" by "aruLi" of Tanjore Tamil
University. Here, the etymology of  yA>yAl>njAl>njAL>nAL is treated
exhaustively.  This book treats many words starting with the roots related
to "dark, black" etc. It is also a pleasure hearing aruLi. His scholarship
is remarkable.

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