nAraNa_n, the tamil word for nArAyaNa (was: Vishnu)

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Thu Dec 14 17:08:55 UTC 2000

--- Vidyasankar Sundaresan <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >ago. Has he? Foll. Burnell-Cowell, sAyaNa is Dravidian.
> >Note the tamil cognate cAy- = 'reclining', 'sleeping stretched
> >out the limbs'; Also, it has the meaning: to grow thin, to be
> The only problem is that k/c => z does not explain s in
> the name sAyaNa, which was never written as zAyaNa.

It is a routine change in Dravidian.
It could as well be represented as cAyaNA.
Initial c- is pronounced as ch- and s-.
The latter is more common as one moves south to north.
The s- form has also been dominating the media for some time
and people have stopped applying snandhi rules in places
where the c- is supposed to double.

The phrase "kaNkalukkuc contamillai" is often pronounced
as "kaNkalukku sondhamillai" by many.

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> Vidyasankar


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