Unpleasant quarrels

Haridas C haridasc at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 15 01:42:12 UTC 2000

I agree almost 100%.

Except for the last part.


I think not.

Unless of course Dominik has not disclosed himself

--- Bjarte Kaldhol <bjartekal at AH.TELIA.NO> wrote:
> Dear listmembers,
> Lynken Ghose wrote: "I am afraid that, even in
> attempting to express
> something, I may fall into the same trap as most
> people do: creating one's
> own form of fundamentalism."
> Is it really "fundamentalism" to ask for politeness
> and good manners? Those
> who are here just to quarrel should simply be
> removed. I have for some
> years been a member of a few academic lists and
> witnessed a few disputes,
> but nothing like the very unpleasant personal
> attacks and insults on this
> list.
> Even fundamentalists could be tolerated if they were
> good-humoured.
> Regarding dispassionateness: Nobody can be totally
> dispassionate. Passion
> is a wonderful motive power and is often discernible
> even in excellent
> writers. Dry, academic contributions are not what I
> ask for in order to
> find this list interesting, and even mild irony
> should be tolerated, but
> please be polite and try to create some positive
> sentiments from time to
> time! We are all human beings and like to be cheered
> up by smiling people.
> As it is now, my door is banged open by rude people
> shouting slogans and
> swearwords every day, as if a war was going on.
> Dear listmembers, please remember that when you send
> something to this
> list, it will be there in the archive forever, with
> your name attached to
> it.
> Best wishes,
> Bjarte Kaldhol,
> Oslo

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