Violence, 'threats to culture', etc.

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 14 18:28:38 UTC 2000


Dear Dr. Zydenbos, while this forum is surely a
curiously baroque creature, I find your recent
attempts at burlesque a sad travesty indeed.
Therefore, as your area of professional expertise
apparently lies elsewhere, we would hope from now on
that you might see it befitting to maintain yourself
_there_, if only for the sake of a more centered
contribution, on your part, to our esteemed academic
list. I am not totally rejecting your undisciplined
thinking, per se, but rather, I sincerely look forward
to seeing you reestablish for yourself a valid place
in the ongoing discussions here. Yet, please do allow
me to again press home the advantages of not receiving
the full load of Indology postings in your email box.
Why not instead go to the site yourself and browse as
you wish?

I can�t speak for you, but I for one am personally
juggling far too much daily electronic correspondence.
In a word, going there yourself acts to mitigate the
inherent intrusiveness of the Indology postings, which
are obviously pestering you so much. In this way, you
needn�t even bother deleting those subjects & authors
that you are finding so displeasing. I really do
suggest that you try this out and see if it doesn�t
help calm your nerves.

In addition, there is also a system of ancient Indian
physical therapy that may be relevant. One really does
wonder why hatha-yogic and related subjects are never
brought up. Do any of my colleagues have inkling
towards such discussion? Why are we neglecting
physical and mental health concerns? After all, our
excellent founder is a noted expert in Ayurvedic
literature. I even remember him once suggesting to
us--if I'm not mistaken--a visualization technique,
perhaps half in jest, whereby the bodily nadis were to
be cleansed and cooled. I would be very much in favor
of such future discussion. Finally, I would like to
make the point that since we are all certainly not
experts in all areas of Indian culture, we are
therefore all of us students to some extent or other.
In any case, a nice sort of
anti-hyper-cerebral-indicating Ayurvedish Yoga would
perhaps be a topic of profound benefit to the general
well being of our list community.

**Appended queries: What area(s), if any, of Indology
are the least cerebral? For example, would an Indian
�pure art� be antithetical to Indology? Does one ever
�practice� Indology. Phrased another way: Are we to
necessarily consider Indology a pure science?

Best regrds,


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