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Thu Dec 14 17:01:56 UTC 2000

If I recall, Prof. Emeneau has a paper devoted to the proper name
sAyaNa.  It appears in the collected volume "Sanskrit Studies of
M.B. Emeneau" editied by Bart van Nooten (1988).  This is available from
the Center for South Asia Studies at Berkeley.

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> I think it is right to derive it from Dravidian roots. Emeneau
> and Gowda do cite Burnell and Cowell. But perhaps, it is not
> right to link -aNa to -aNNa as in elder brother?
> The only problem is that k/c => z does not explain s in
> the name sAyaNa, which was never written as zAyaNa.
> Best regards,
> Vidyasankar

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