Inputting Sanskrit Dictionary(Bon-wa Daijiten)

Sat Aug 26 19:32:58 UTC 2000

Dear members of list,

I almost finished the inputting of the Sanskrit-Chinese(Japanese)
Dictionary(Kan-yaku Taisho Bon-wa Daijiten by Unrai Wogiwara and Naoshiro
Tsuji) in computer.(100,198 line / 2,947page-letter size / 2.2Mbite) 
Because of inputting trouble and inconvenience, I omitted Japanese, but
rearrange it, with its page, into Sanskrit-Chinese style like Hirakawa's
Dictionary. I'am converting the words(having diacritics for Korean use) into
Harvard-Tyoto system.
But, I have no idea how to upload the text with Chinese characters on web
site, and don't know much about the copyright for this case.

Anybody have good idea or know the websites to handle this?

Jaekwan Shim
Dept. of Philosophy
Kangnung National University
South Korea.

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