Inputting Sanskrit Dictionary(Bon-wa Daijiten)

Sat Aug 26 12:52:35 UTC 2000

Jaekwan Shim wrote:

I almost finished the inputting of the Sanskrit-Chinese(Japanese)
Dictionary(Kan-yaku Taisho Bon-wa Daijiten by Unrai Wogiwara and
Tsuji) in computer.(100,198 line / 2,947page-letter size / 2.2Mbite).
This sounds a very useful and worthwhile project.  However there is
one big problem.   As far as I know the Bon-Wa Jiten is still
copyrighted.   As I understand the situation, unless you have explicit
permission from the publishers, it will be illegal under international
copyright law to publish this electronically -- I assume Korea is a
signatory to this law.   You could be liable to claims of very
substantial damages.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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