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>> During 1801, Serfoji II had performed Kanakaabhishekam to Mahadevendra
>>  Saraswathi IV at Kumbhakonam. His son SivajiII performed
Kanakabhishekam to
>>  Chandrasekharendra saraswathi V during 1833,1842 and 1850 at Kumbhakonam
>>  and Tanjore.We could not find any record during Amarsingh's period.
>Does this mean that from Pratapasimha onwards Sankaracharya of
>Kanchi/Kumbhakonam was the spiritual guru of the Maratha rulers of Tanjore?
>Thanks in advance.

Dear palaniappan,

This matter may be taken up seperately.. b'se We may have to discuss about
some other evidences in connection with some of the earlier maratha kings.
nOw, Sri. Vidya Sankar has raised a point about the date Raja Prathapa
Simhan's Pattabhisekam.

How ever, I am yet receive any reponse from him/other members regarding the
two inscriptions and other Modi Documents cited as the evidences to confirm
the existence of kanchi kamakoti Shankara Mutt at Kumbhakonam.

>S. Palaniappan

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