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Vidyasankar Sundaresan vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 24 18:31:13 UTC 2000

>nOw, Sri. Vidya Sankar has raised a point about the date Raja Prathapa
>Simhan's Pattabhisekam.
>How ever, I am yet receive any reponse from him/other members regarding the
>two inscriptions and other Modi Documents cited as the evidences to

I didn't realize I was expected to respond to the fact that some evidence is
available from the early 19th century. Not having seen the primary sources
myself, I doubt if I can make any valid comment about these inscriptions and
manuscripts. In any case, the problematic questions have to do with an
earlier period, e.g. the dates of Paramasivendra Sarasvati, Bodhendra
Sarasvati and Sadasiva Brahmendra.

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