Is there an Indian Connection to Ptolemy's Fraud of Data ?

Anand M. Sharan asharan at ENGR.MUN.CA
Sun Aug 20 13:08:57 UTC 2000

It has been published in a book by a professor at Baltimore that Ptolemy
fudged the data . Those observations could not have been made in Egypt .
This professor writes that those were from those of a Greek whose name
started with a letter H.

I have read a book by Kaye on Hindu Astronomy . He mentions that this
astronomy , prior to Ptolemy, was indigenous but later on ( post second
century A.D. ) , were essentially borrowed from Ptolemy's ideas. The Hindu
Astronomers would include those in the Vikramaditya's court, and later on .

It appears very surprising to me that the whole school of Indian thinking
would change so quickly .

At least, the truth should be known .

Anand M. Sharan

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