New Website on Rajaram's Decipherments

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Aug 9 02:30:04 UTC 2000

Just like S. Farmer,

I have put my notes on N.S. Rajaram on the web today.

My paper deals with many of the aspects of Rajaram's and Jha's "decipherment"
of the Indus inscriptions.


* the 'principles' involved (consonants count little, vowels nothing)

* a selection of proposed "translations" of the seals such as 'mosquito' or
"it's the rainy season"!!

* the strange nature of the ("Vedic") Sanskrit underlying the decipherment

* a summary of my earlier discussions of the Dholavira "Horse thieves",
Pashupati, and "Ilavarta" Sarasvati inscriptions,  on Indology

This will be udpdated occasionally, as necessary. Especially, if Rajaram
chooses to respond beyond threating us with lawsuits and intervention with
University authorities. Not to mention his influence with the Indian

For some of the nationalistic background of the  'movement'
("India awake!" -- D. Frawley; cf. also Elst on the site),
see next message.


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